Small Group Ministry

House groups are an extension ministry here at The House Slidell, and are a key aspect of church growth as we build relationships outside of the Sunday experience.   

Broken up in to 3 Semesters each year, House Groups are a great way to grow in your walk with other believers from all over our area.

Each meeting is limited to about an hour to an hour and a half and meet once a week for 8 weeks in the homes of facilitators/leaders during the semester sessions. This warm environment accommodates getting acquainted and establishing relationships with family in and outside of the church.

House Groups are now open for the Autumn Semester

Please check out the September-October curriculum below and find a small group that's best for you by clicking the "Find a House Group" button below.


Almost every food and beverage today has a “lite” version. Many of us have taken that same attitude – sometimes even without realizing it – and applied it to our faith. We want blessings, but without obedience. Comfort, but without sacrifice. Happiness, but without repentance. As a result, we have decaffeinated and diluted the message of the gospel until it really has no effect on our lives or the lives of others.

In Christianity Lite Glen Berteau calls us back to the full gospel message: Jesus didn’t come to make our normal, selfish, sinful lives a little better. He came to radically transform life as we know it. This narrow way – the way of grace-inspired obedience – is the only way to find the real Jesus, real meaning, real hope, and a life where we’ll really live!

-Glen Berteau-

Weekly Schedule

Week 1

More Me, Less God

Week 2

Saved Without Power

Week 3

Saved Without Prayer

Week 4

Saved Without Cost

Week 5

Saved Without Offense

Week 6

Saved Without Serving

Week 7

Saved Without Sharing / Chosen to Change the World

Week 8

Special Q&A Session

Sample Questions During The Week 8 Session

What are some symptoms that a Christian may be harboring offense?

I am asking God for more of Him, but don’t feel any different.

What am I doing wrong?

Is it possible to serve too much?

Are some of the teachings of grace today connected to Christianity Lite?

How do I share my faith effectively?

How do I develop a prayer life with my busy lifestyle?

Is it possible to be saved without changing?

Is it a sin to question God in difficult situations or seasons He has guided me into?

What does it mean to live separate from the world?

Ask Us!

If you have a question or comment, want to be a part of house group or even join our House Group lead team by opening your home for 8 weeks, loving on people and sharing the word of God, then please fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you shortly.