Our Mission

Rescue, Restore, Strengthen, Empower


To free or deliver from confinement, violence, danger, or evil

The first part of our mission here at The House is to be a church that rescues the lost. We can't just simply throw a life preserver hoping that the ones that are drowning will swim, we have to jump in with those that are struggling and hurting and bring them to freedom.

We have to step out of the aisle of our padded seats and beyond the four walls of the church building and GO into the world and Rescue The Lost.


To bring back to a former, original, or normal condition; to rebuild

Once someone has been rescued then it is time for them to stop believing they're broken and start believing they're better, stop living in pain and start living in the promise that God has for them and we as the church must be a part of this process.

This part of our mission, here at The House, only happens when we as believers and as a church begin to see people as Jesus sees them. We stop looking past people who need to be restored and become part of the process to Restore the Broken.

We must begin to help them go from damaged to delivered and begin to live the life of freedom that only a relationship and walk with God brings. True restoration does not come for a moment but changes us for a lifetime!


to make stronger; give strength to

We as a church are called to not only Rescue and Restore but to Strengthen each believer that comes through our doors. So many times people fall away from God because of moments of weakness, and because of this, we know that we must be dedicated to strengthening your walk each time you are with us.

Here at The House you can come in one way and leave stronger, ready to conquer the world in front of you and leave the struggles of life behind you. No matter what service or meeting you attend we are dedicated to Strengthen the Believer so that you not only start the race but FINISH IT!



Rescued, Restored and Strengthened believers must be given the opportunity and be encouraged to live and walk out God's calling on their lives. The last piece of this mission is to "Empower the Called".

The House is not full of filled positions but rather open spaces for you to be used by God in various ways. We don't want you to just sit and soak, we desire for you to experience the fullness that comes when you begin to fulfill the call of God on your life.

Whether it's serving as a volunteer within the church or a desire to be in full time ministry, we want to empower you each step of the way so that others might be able to be RESCUED, RESTORED, STRENGTHENED AND EMPOWERED.